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Restaurant Pro Express

Restaurant Pro Express

Restaurant Pro Express(RPE) is a great restaurant pos software package at a shockingly low price.
All the features of Aloha and Micros at a fraction of the cost.

Improve your Restaurant

Computerizing is the easiest way for you to see an instant increase in how much money stays in your wallet. Getting a system pays for itself. Call for a free consultation.

Restaurant Pro Express is currently used in thousands of restaurants.

Support Plans

Phone, Remote Assistance & E-Mail Support

Zloud Point of Sale Support Plans

Phone / Remote support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm – Eastern US Time.

E-mail support is available 365 days a year. E-mails are answered within 24 hours.
You always have our support when you need it.

Support Features E-mail Support Plan Phone / Remote Assistance
E-mail Communication
Phone Communication
Remote Assistance
Immediate Response Time if requested
Unlimited number of tickets per month
Work Days and Times 365 days Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm EST
Plan Term E-mail Support Plan Pricing Phone / Remote
Assistance Plan Pricing
Weekly Plan $12.00 first week and then $4.00 Per Week $29.00 first week and then $8.00 Per Week
Monthly Plan $24.00 first month and then $9.00 Per Week $49.00 first month and then $19.00 Per Week
Semi-Annual Plan $45.00 first 6 months and then $33.00 every 6 months $90.00 first 6 months and then $72.00 every 6 months
Annual Plan $72.00 first year and then $48.00 per year $144.00 first year and then $108.00 per year

Newest Features

  • ✓ Touch Screen Invoicing
  • ✓ Unlimited Modifiers
  • ✓ Suggested Server tips
  • ✓ New Features for PIZZA Restaurants
  • ✓ Customer Loyalty program
  • ✓ Kitchen Printing
  • ✓ Credit Card Processing
  • ✓ Ingredient tracking
  • ✓ Menu Creation Software is now available
  • ✓ ...and much more

Version Wise Features


Features RPE
Pro Ent
Integrated Payment Module X X
Inventory Management X X
Back Office Management Reporting X X
Customer Databse X X
Time and Attendence with labor scheduler X X
Employee Management X X
3 Months Free of 24x7x365 Technical Support X X
Quick Book Integration X X
Touch screen invoicing X X
Salesperson commissions tracking X X
Account Receivable X X
Handle multiple cash drawer X X
ID Scanning, verification for liquor tobacco X X
Discounts,coupons with detailed reporting X X
Unlimited transactions, inventory items and customers X X
Multiple tax rates and tax exempt status X X
Weight scale NTEP certified X X
Generate purchase Order X X
Equipment and video rentals X X
EBT and Food stamps X X
Multiple POS software on a network X X
Loyalty Promotions X X
Custom Tracking X X
Multi-site Functionality X
Bar Code Express Included X
Advanced Reporting Capabilities X
Exception Tracking Functionality X
Advanced Quick-books Integration X
Ingradient Tracking X X
Menu Management X X

Computerize Your Restaurant TODAY!

Computerizing your restaurant has never been easier. Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) is the POS software of the 21st century. It was designed with the restaurant owner in mind. The incredible ease of use makes teaching new employees how to use the software a breeze.

Simple to Use

Restaurant Pro Express is the POS software made for store owners NOT a Computer Whiz!

Learn More

POS software is a great way to increase your profits. Learn more about why computerizing your restaurant will save you money.

Restaurant Pro Express - Screenshots

Click on the images below to get a first hand look at the software and features that Restaurant Pro Express uses to enhance your restaurant's productivity