Perfect Custom USB Design

Efficiently store documents, photos and other files on USB flash drives. Easily customizable, these drives can be imprinted with your company logo, contact information or other designs. Unique items such as these drives are ideal for corporate event giveaways, or for use by your in-house team.

Custom USB
  • Multiple memory options are available for custom USB flash drives. With storage capacities of up to 8GB, these drives are functionally useful as well as an excellent way to advertise.
  • Perfect for both small and large businesses, customizable USB flash drives are available in both small and large quantity pricing.
  • Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to create a truly memorable USB flash drive. A large inventory of pre-made templates is available to suit your company’s business needs.

Custom USB Memory Sticks

custom usb
custom usb

At Go Dreamz has over 50 different USB styles available but have you ever thought of designing your own custom USB drives? We have the magic to turn your ideas into reality! Our custom USB drives are made of PVC rubber and can be moulded into more or less any shape that you desire. Your custom memory stick can be made into either 2D or 3D models, but although the 3D option is slightly more expensive the outcome is extraordinary.


Custom USB ProcessThe procedure taken to design and manufacture your company’s custom USB drives is simple. Once we receive your artwork approval of the perfect design that suits you, we push your order into the production process. We begin the order process by making a live sample for you to approve through high resolutions images taken by our factory. Once we receive your final approval of your live sample, the balance of your custom USB sticks are given the go ahead!


Memory sizes which are available for our custom memory sticks are 64Mb, venturing up to 16Gb. Nevertheless, please note that the minimum order quantity for Custom USBs is 300 units. We can also upload data free of charge up to 300Mb and the option to lock, unlock or to add an auto-run feature to your USB drive is also on offer to you. If your company wants to go that extra mile, we can also design your USB drive so that it contains an eyelet, which will enable you to add your very own USB accessories to them.

Custom USB - Lanyard USB Drive

Lanyard USB Drive - 2GB

Stay connected with your documents and associates with this custom USB lanyard!

Custom USB - Lanyard USB Drive - 256MB

Lanyard USB Drive - 256MB

Save your documents and stay on the go thanks to this custom USB drive!

Custom USB - Smartphone USB Swing Drive - 4GB

Smartphone USB Swing Drive - 4GB

A custom imprinted flash drive for your phone is pure genius!

Custom USB - Mondo USB Drive - 8GB

Mondo USB Drive - 8GB

Grace even more pages with this promotional file saver!

Custom USB - Clipster USB Drive - 4GB

Clipster USB Drive - 4GB

A custom USB drive will surely save you some time!

Custom USb - Monterey USB - 2GB

Monterey USB - 2GB

Plant great ideas in their minds with this custom USB drive!

Custom USB- Ring-Round USB Drive - 8GB

Ring-Round USB Drive - 8GB

Wring out the maximum potential of this custom file saver!

Custom USB- USB Flash Memory Stick - Translucent - 512MB

USB Flash Memory Stick - Translucent - 512MB

Save your files on this custom memory stick!

Custom USB Video

2D or 3D Models

To turn your ideas into reality

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