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Digital Signage


Go Dreamz offers you an online easy-to-use editor to create the content for your screen(s). Just choose from our free digital signage templates, adjust the text and images on the template, and publish it to your screens. With the simple drag & drop Studio Which Go Dreamz offers, designing a screen online becomes a fun activity. Perfect for small and medium businesses – high standard content can be easily created by online editing of a selected template.

Choose your template, adjust it and start broadcasting today!



Retail is one of the largest implementers of Digital Signage. Digital Signage is relevant to all aspects of retail: from marketing messages to sales promotions, from simple price tags (using Android-based mini tablets) to relevant information for the retail visitor. The suggested template covers some of the common needs. Just change the logo and the messages, and start using.



Corporate represents not only a very large company but also a large venue that must interact with permanent employees and visitors to headquarters. Distributing large amounts of mail rarely accomplishes the job – especially for employees in medically clean rooms, labs, hangars, and so on. Digital Signage is one of the preferred ways to deliver an effective message. Take the suggested template, adjust it to your needs, and start using it!


Spa & Saloon

People come to a spa to relax and enjoy. Use this template to provide the right atmosphere, while informing customers of your spa offerings and promoting new treatments or activities.



Use Digital Signage in your hotel as an additional concierge: provide useful information, weather, news, hotel offerings, and timetables, and promote activities in your venue such as shopping, dining, clubbing and sports (some might be funded by external vendors). Use the default template. Change the logo and you are ready to start.


Clinic & Health

People spend time waiting for the doctor or other service providers in a clinic. This is the perfect time to address these customers and provide relevant information while promoting different offerings. Use the suggested template to communicate to your ‘captive audience’ in the clinic.


Nail, hair and beauty Saloon

Congratulations! You own a beauty/hair/nail salon. What about sharing with your customers the last magnificent haircut you just performed on that lovely woman who lives in the neighborhood? Digital Signage is the perfect tool to do exactly that. Take our template and use it! Display your achievements and use it to promote your business.



Gyms, country clubs, and sports centers are dynamic environments that must maintain constant communication with visitors (timetable updates, specials, and new offerings). Digital Signage is the best tool for this. Try out our template, adjust it to your needs, and start running your own show!


Real Estate

Have you seen how most ‘old generation’ real estate shops promote their properties? They still post printed (mostly black and white) papers at the front of their shops. Digital Signage is the perfect solution for promoting and presenting properties. It is in color, dynamic (YES, it can even display video), and easy to use with our suggested templates.


Bakery and Cafe

Cafés and bakeries are places we all like to visit. If you add the smell of fresh pastries to a clear display of what is offered inside, you’ll have a most powerful marketing tool for communicating and promoting products in the café/bakery. Using our templates should make it as simple as it gets.



Education venues were among the first to adopt Digital Signage. The reason is clear. The educational institution must keep an open channel with its students and staff. Replacing old billboards with dynamic Digital Signage is the most logical move. Using Go Dreamz templates makes it even easier.


Go Dreamz - an inexpensive way to enhance customer experience and sell your product. No fuss. No bother. Update your information in seconds. Go Dreamz offers Software as a Digital Signage service. Cost of the service is determined by the number of players you are using. See different options below:

$29 per month

  • 1 Screen

  • Online Studio

  • Web URL player

  • Windows player

  • Android player

  • Fully hosted

  • Ad free
  • Monitoring & performance reports
  • Instagram refresh interval
    1 minute
  • Online file conversions 10

  • Max single media file size 50 MB

  • Max storage 250 MB

$99 per month

  • 5 Screens

  • Online Studio

  • Web URL player

  • Windows player

  • Android player

  • Fully hosted

  • Ad free

  • Monitoring & performance reports

  • Instagram refresh interval
    1 minute

  • Online file conversions 10

  • Max single media file size 100 MB
  • Max storage 2500 MB

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